Clear Water Bay Country Park

Lung Ha Wan Country Trail

October 2010


Today I hiked in Clear Water Bay’s Lung Ha Wan Country Trail.

Clear Water Bay (traditional Chinese: 清水灣, Cantonese: Ching Sui Wan) is a bay on the east shore of Clear Water Bay Peninsula of Hong Kong located within Clear Water Bay Country Park.

Its beaches are protected by shark nets after three fatal shark attacks in Hong Kong in 1995.

Lung Ha Wan Country Trail extends from Tai Hang Tun to Lung Ha Wan, passing through a scenic region of Clearwater Bay Country Park. There is a public carpark near the entrance in Tai Hang Tun, and a sizeable barbecue area where a kiosk, the Clearwater Bay Visitor Centre and Clearwater Bay Tree Walk are located. Before setting off, you may visit the Visitor Centre to familiarize yourself with nearby recreation facilities, scenic spots and flora diversity.

Adjacent to Tai Hang Tun carpark, the trail entrance is a flight of steps. It takes about half an hour to reach the 291m rounded summit of Tai Leng Tung. Like blunt arrows, the capes juts out into the sea on the eastern shore of Clearwater Bay.

Further up the trail, there is a lookout at a high point where the indented coasts and archipelagos of Clearwater Bay come into full view. In the near distance are Port Shelter and the Ninepins. If you have binoculars handy, you can observe the sea caves on nearby islands. Sculpted by waves, they are masterpieces of nature.

In the past, Lung Ha Wan was a famous tourist spot, popular not only with picnickers but the local film industry, for it was the shooting location for many movies.



Starting Point
Get off at the roundabout of Tai Au Mun, Clear Water Bay Road, and walk for about 20 minutes along Clear Water Bay Road to reach Tai Hang Tun entrance.

91 Diamond Hill Plaza Hollywood-Clear Water Bay Second Beach
Green Mini Bus
16 Tseung Kwan O Po Lam- Po Toi O
103 Kwun Tong Pier-Clear Water Bay Second Beach
103M Tseung Kwan OMTR Station ( Public Transport Interchange)-Clear Water Bay Second Beach


Finishing Point
For return trip, walk for about 30 minutes along Lung Ha Wan Road back to Tai Au Mun Road.

91 Clear Water Bay Second Beach-Diamond Hill Plaza Hollywood
Green Mini Bus
16 Po Toi O-Tseung Kwan O Po Lam
103 Clear Water Bay Second Beach-Kwun Tong Pier
103M Clear Water Bay Second Beach-Tseung Kwan OMTR Station ( Public Transport Interchange)